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Lifecycle Marketer, Email Geek, Content Creator.



👋 Hey, I'm Christian

For the last 6 years, I have helped businesses use technology to enhance human interactions instead of using technology to automate processes.


To accomplish this, I focus on key results, quickly adapt to new insights and bring customer-centric mindfulness that enables businesses to innovate, thrive and grow.

I am driven by my entrepreneurial spirit to find answers the most pressing questions. This has allowed me to become well-versed in strategizing and creating digital integrations across a variety of products and marketing communications platforms.

Phew... that sure was a lot of buzzwords. Today, as Email Marketing Manager of Docebo (NASDAQ, TSX: DCBO), I am responsible for planning, developing, implementing and maintaining the overall email marketing strategy.

Beyond my software career, I consider myself a lifelong learner. Please reach out if you want to have a virtual coffee, talk emerging tech, discuss big philosophical ideas, or disagree with what I write in my blog.

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Christian is extremely passionate about helping his clients build and grow their engagement programs - always placing strategy at the heart of the conversation.

He is a strong advocate for the profession as a whole, believing that genuine communication and customer engagement is the pathway to long-term success. 


Chris Forrest

Vice-President, PR


A lifelong learner. A passionate marketing professional. A joy to work with. Christian truly embodies entrepreneurism. He's constantly honing his craft and brings his best self to work every day. Christian also understands the value of personal branding, regularly writing and sharing his knowledge with other industry professionals.


Kimberly Weidman

Marketing Manager



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