Powerful ways to combine social media and email marketing

Before becoming specialized in my field, I was always under the impression that social media was the easiest value-added service to bring to clients. After all, isn't social media all about creating and sharing content, and participating in social networking?

It surprised me that nearly a third of small businesses do not have any social media accounts, while their competitors have been absolutely killing it. What's more, every social platform have their own algorithms and rules of success.

Shouldn't the market be wide open?

Social media is powerful in its own right, but there are better ways of reaching your prospects without fighting over ad space and keywords: email.

Having a consistent online presence and personalized content are must-haves for small business owners in 2020, and email marketing is a great value-add because you own your list. The very essence of email marketing dictates that you must have the email addresses of your audience prior to marketing to them.

Without that bare necessity, it simply cannot be done. On the other hand, literally anyone can Google your business and see your website, social media profiles, ads, and blog content. And although this may sound like a huge drawback for email marketing, it’s actually an enormous strength.

That's because your recipients willingly provided you their information (unless, of course, you purchased a list - and you should be ashamed!)

The assumption here is that your audience wants to engage with you; learn more about your brand, product, and/or services. And with that simple gesture, you already have your foot in the door as a small business owner.

If you require users to double opt-in (a very good practice), that’s an even bigger bonus. A client or prospect has now told you twice that they are interested in your business. And once you’ve continued to validate their approval, you can use your list to drive awareness, sales and value.

Want to run a Facebook or Twitter ad campaign directly targeting your current customers? Upload your list.

Want your audience to read your latest masterpiece? Send an email.

Want to offer an early bird special to your most engaged customers? Segment your audience.

While this isn’t to say that other means of marketing are not effective at generating an ideal brand, an email marketing list should absolutely be your go-to when trying to reach your prospects and customers.

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