BEE Pro - Design beautiful, mobile-ready emails. Fast.

Developed by Mailup Inc., BEE Pro allows agencies to create beautiful custom emails, fast. BEE Pro includes a super flexible WYSIWYG editor that allows agency professionals to drag and drop assets from their creative team directly into the email. No more hard coding in Dreamweaver required, it's awesome!

BEE Pro also includes lots of professional email templates, and even allows your entire team to comment, review and approve certain versions, and best of all, with one click your HTML can be exported, either as the code and files separately, or hosted by BEE. Should our clients have a need for a PDF of the email for reference and to mark up - well, BEE allows me to export in that format, too.

Having worked with the BEE software for a little over two years, I can honestly say this is the most flexible piece of software I have ever worked with when it comes to email design, as it not only optimizes for mobile, but for any device. And, should the need arise to include your own custom code, BEE makes that option available as well.

So what makes BEE so special? Well, the name BEE actually stands for Best Emails Ever, and it has made my job as a marketing automation strategist a lot of fun, as it has freed up a lot of time which has allowed me to focus more on strategy to help our clients make the most of their email marketing efforts. On top of that, I have all of my projects saved in various client folders, which allows me to always go back and find old versions to reference when a new project comes in. So far, I've created over 200 emails in the BEE editor.

Some other benefits I've experienced using BEE are:

  • I have saved hours on email production which has allowed me to focus on strategy and implementation, to further elevate our clients marketing automation efforts.

  • Designing emails with BEE allows for much greater flexibility than using other email builders. For example, it's extremely fast, and I have yet to experience any hiccups.

  • I can add rows with a different number of columns, and decide if they should stack on mobile or not.

  • I have created multiple users with different roles to get the whole team working together. BEE allows for collaboration, review and approval, all in one place.

  • There are little to no rendering issues when emails are finalized.


Email design is fun again 😉

BEE provides fantastic email design flexibility. Add new rows to a message, each with a different number of columns. Copy and rearrange content quickly. Leverage granular control on padding, spacing, borders, and smart features like "Do not stack on mobile".

One option I wish BEE would include would be a Litmus integration directly in the builder instead of having to export and import, and tweak accordingly.

If you want to try out BEE for yourself, head over to, prices start at $15/month USD.

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