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Many companies struggle with maintaining accurate and up-to-date data due to the sheer volume of information they collect and store, as well as the constant changes and updates to the data. It is estimated that 30% of the total workforce will now change jobs every 12 months, and that hundreds of thousands of people change their names legally every year in the United States alone.

This often results in inaccurate or outdated data which leads to inefficient operations, missed opportunities, and costly errors, which can negatively impact a company's bottom line and reputation.


My data cleansing service is a solution to a common problem faced by SaaS companies - inaccurate and inconsistent data. I provide a managed service that takes care of the time-consuming and tedious task of scrubbing, formatting, enriching, and cleaning data sets, leaving our clients free to focus on their core business operations.

My service is designed specifically for SaaS companies and can be customized to fit their unique data requirements. I use a combination of AI-powered software and APIs from trusted data sources to automate the data cleansing process, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all data sets.


I also ensure you have complete freedom over your data, so whether you need to import into Salesforce or Dynamics, or want to keep it completely offline, I’ll work with you all the way through.

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