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Who I've been thankful enough to work with over the years

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Success Stories


While many craft breweries were still offering takeout and delivery services during the COVID-19 crisis, one brewery was looking to put its own spin on local beer delivery by sending "cheers" to friends, colleagues and family.


It's in times like these, that we as marketers must think about how we can make the most of a challenging situation, while at the same time providing value for our clients to let them know that even when things go south, we still have their backs.

The project delivers an easy way to reach out to people you care about (or strangers who could use a beer) so they know you're thinking about them.


We worked tirelessly to optimize the client's website and Shopify page to include the "Send Cheers" button, which allowed customers to add selected beers to their cart and have delivered to their friends, family and colleagues anywhere in the city, along with a personalized message.

We also encouraged people to share their social interactions, or “virtual cheers,” to social media in the form of a picture or video by using the hashtag #VillageSociable.

Yeah, getting a surprise beer is always nice, but what this is really about is making sure we stay socially connected so no one feels like they're going through this alone.

This project was done with AdFarm.

nufarm canada


Nufarm was looking to collect leads through tradeshow interactions. The problem was that the tradeshow they went to did not have a stable internet connection.

So how could they collect their information without bringing manually writing them down on a piece of paper - and potentially lose them? And what would happen after the leads had entered their information?


I built out custom offline landing pages that could be used on iPads, which the sales reps could take with them to tradeshows where they could collect leads. Once the tablets came back to the hotel and were logged onto the WiFi network, the leads were automatically imported into Nufarm's Salesforce Pardot instance, and the leads were sent a dynamic welcome email based on the day, the booth, and the location of the event.


The welcome email series also included an incentive for the leads to provide more information about themselves.

If the leads wanted to receive the incentive, they were taken through multiple landing pages where they could learn about current product offerings. All of these landing pages were Progressive meaning the leads will not have to fill out their basic information over and over, but it was collected automatically. This also allowed for a much more personalized experience.

This project was done with AdFarm.

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